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    <span style="color: #f20606"><strong>Take a Further 40% OFF. Enter SAVE40 at checkout</strong></span>|Supports Immune System|Lactoferrin 100mg, Manuka Honey & Vitamin C|7 x 5g Daily Liquid Serves Per Pack|Simply Bend, Snap & Squeeze into the mouth

          SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNITY EVERYDAY At VITAL LIFE™ we know that a strong immune system is fundamental to living a vibrant, active and vital life. If we take care of our immune system, it will take care of us. VITAL LIFE™...

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    Immune Support

    Our selection of immune support products has been uniquely and carefully created with scientifically proven ingredients. From Lactoferrin to Manuka honey this range is crafted from quality ingredients including vitamin C, in an innovate and convenient format.

    No longer do you to have to consume a pill or capsule only, to assist in your daily immune support. VITAL LIFE™ offers a modern approach, helping to re-invent daily supplementation habits. Our convenient and portable Immune Shot is so easy to take; simply bend, snap and squeeze straight into the mouth. This sophisticated method combines an easy and versatile daily immune boost option with a delicious taste, unlike swallowing a pill or capsule.

    Did you know our immune system protects us from bacteria, parasites and viruses? This system is made up of a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that all play different roles in fighting off these invaders. We need to protect our hard working immune system. Our immunity can become compromised if we’re not providing it with the right foundations – nutrition, rest, sleep, movement and mindfulness.

    Showcasing a refined selection from some of the best local and international ingredients, VITAL LIFE™ offers a range of immune support products helping you keep strong and healthy which is key to living boldly, fully and vibrantly.

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